Introducing our YYCWatch Videos - Save Calgary

Introducing our YYCWatch Videos

Introducing our YYCWatch Videos

Is your favourite hobby spending hours watching City Council meetings?

Do your pour over Standing Committee minutes and agendas?

Can't get enough of the endless bureaucracy down at City Hall?

Or, are you a regular voter with a busy life who just wants better government for Calgary?

If you fall into that last group, then you'll be excited about our latest project!

We know that Calgary home and business owners are concerned about what's happening to our city. The exorbitant spending, the massive tax hikes, and the lack of real accountability on the part of our politicians.

But we also know that you can't spend every waking minute watching City Hall and being on guard against bad decisions.

That's why Save Calgary is excited to launch our newest program - #YYCWatch.

Every couple weeks, we'll be putting out a short video giving you a rundown on what's happening at City Hall. We'll tell you about important votes, the latest crazy ideas being pushed by the special interests, and how we think your local Councillor should be voting.

We'll also be reporting back to you on how your Councillor voted, so you can decide if they deserve your vote next election.

Check out our quick intro video right here: 

We'll be keeping an eye on City Hall to help save you money!

And speaking of money, with 2019 coming to a close, Save Calgary is asking you to make a donation to help us keep fighting for taxpayers at the municipal level.

This year alone, City Council voted to raise your property taxes, business taxes, and fees and surcharges on basic services.

Month after month, they're making life more expensive for you.

If you think we need real change down at City Hall, then please make a donation to us through our website today by clicking here.

Donate Now!

Let's make 2020 a year free from tax increases - and rest assured, we're watching to make sure they're being held accountable for their actions.

Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous 2020!

Happy New Year!


Save Calgary

PS. Are you too busy working hard to earn enough money to pay your outrageous city taxes to follow all of the ins and outs at City Hall? Don't let them keep raising your taxes without your knowledge! Check out #YYCWatch - we're watching out for you!

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