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They Love To Call Us Names

They Love To Call Us Names

Why is that so-called "progressive" politicians just love to call everyday Albertans insulting names?

First is was Deputy Premier and NDP Health Minister Sarah Hoffman who called us "sewer rats."

Then, it was NDP Premier Notley herself who called Albertans "embarrassing cousins."

And now, Calgary Mayor Nenshi has called us "F350 driving cavemen."

These are our elected leaders. People who hold important offices and who set government policy.

And they just can't seem to stand the people that they were elected to represent.


It gets even worse when you look at Canada's Liberal Prime Minister who has made it clear that he frankly hates Alberta and Albertans.

Here's what he said about us in French:

"Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work."

So, let's a recap. Our Mayor thinks we're cavemen, our Deputy Premier thinks we're sewer rats, our Premier thinks we're embarrassing cousins, and our Prime Minister has blamed us for Canada's woes.

Is it any wonder why so many Calgarians and Albertans have lost faith in their elected representatives?

Isn't it about time we elected leaders who actually love us instead of continually insulting us?

Mayor Nenshi's comments regarding Albertans as "F350 driving cavemen" shows just how out of touch he is with the tens of thousands of Calgarians who make a living in the skilled trades.

Not every job involves sitting behind a desk. Some jobs involve hauling tools and equipment to and from job sites. Sometimes roads are covered in snow (unless their bike lanes, which always seem to get plowed first) and require four-wheel drive vehicles. Sometimes other vehicles need to be towed to a location using a two-capable vehicle.

In other words, not everybody can get away with driving a Prius or a Smart car.

The Mayor's condescending comments reflect the fact that he's more comfortable in the company of the elites (such as the aristocrats from the International Olympic Committee who enjoy champagne and caviar on the taxpayer's dime) than he is with a lot of everyday Calgarians.

And when called on his comments, did the Mayor apologize?

Of course, he didn't.

Like many so-called progressives, Mayor Nenshi thinks he's smarter than everybody else, and has never done anything wrong in his life.

He balked at the suggestion that his comments were wrong, and doubled-down on insulting Albertans.

And so it goes with every other elitist, out-of-touch politician who thinks they know better than ordinary voters.

We hope that Calgary voters keep this in mind in future elections, and ask themselves this important question:

Do we want more of the same-old progressive politicians who seem to hold Albertans in such contempt, or is it time that we elected politicians who genuinely love Albertans?

We hope they opt for the latter.



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