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Supporting Local Small Businesses in Calgary

Supporting Local Small Businesses in Calgary

With Christmas only a week away, this is an absolutely critical time for small businesses here in Calgary.

As you know, small businesses have faced real struggles over the past few years. Sky-high property tax hikes, a weak economy, and significant unemployment in our city were already creating a challenging set of circumstances for local Calgary businesses.

And then came the pandemic and the lockdowns.

Now, thousands of small businesses are teetering on the very edge of bankruptcy. Bars and restaurants are closed except for delivery and take-out services, retail shops are limited to just 15% of their full capacity, and health officials are urging us to stay home.

Normally, December is the busiest month for most businesses, but this is anything but a normal year.

Small business is the lifeblood of our city's economy and is the number one source of jobs in Calgary.

This holiday season, Save Calgary is encouraging all of our supporters to support small businesses in Calgary by shopping locally.

Tourism Calgary has put together a list of local businesses and ways to shop with them as a resource for those looking to supporting Calgary's local economy.

You can check out their list here.

Meanwhile, with businesses doing everything they can to keep their doors open, City Council finished up its final meeting of the year by voting to keep the mandatory mask bylaw in place until December 2021, and raising non-compliance fines to $100.

This means that Calgarians will be wearing masks when they go to vote in next October's municipal election.

2021 is a critical year for Calgary, and an active one for supporters of better municipal government in Calgary.

We'll be ramping up our efforts to bring real change our city government and making the case why a sizeable number of incumbent City Councillors don't deserve to be re-elected.

If you want to help with our campaign to restore fiscal responsibility and real accountability down at City Hall, then please consider making a year-end donation to Save Calgary to help us start 2021 strong!


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