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Lights! Camera! Ticket.

Lights! Camera! Ticket.

Calgary's War on Cars continues at full speed down at City Hall.

As you know, many City politicians and bureaucrats hate cars. They want to make driving a car in Calgary so costly, so slow, and so frustrating that motorists just throw up their hands and quit driving.

We've talked before about the many, many ways the City of Calgary has made driving a car a miserable experience here in our city.

From high parking rates and constant business-killing construction to their quest to lower speed limits to just above walking speed, Calgary's War on Cars has already made our daily commutes a depressing and lengthy journey.

And now, they're making them more expensive too.

The Calgary Police Service has announced their intention to introduce new photo radar locations throughout the city - those locations include 16th Avenue, Crowchild Trail, Deerfoot Trail, and Stoney Trail.

In short, major arteries used by tens of thousands of vehicles daily to get to and from work.

Is there a traffic safety crisis in Calgary demanding such a major response from Calgary Police? Are citizens being killed alarmingly in traffic accidents plaguing our city?

The short answer is no.

Calgary driving collisions have been decreasing in recent years.

Fewer people are being killed or injured in collisions

So why is the number of photo radar locations going up then?

The reason would seem to be money.

Photo radar generates a lot of cash - $220 million a year from Albertans. Despite doubts regarding accuracy and effectiveness at reducing speeding, there's one thing photo radar does with complete reliability - generate cash for governments.

This becomes clearer when you look at the location of some photo radar locations. Several are placed on divided roads, with multiple lanes each way, right before speed limit increases. The only goal of these photo radar devices is to pull cask directly out of the pockets of motorists.

In fact, the problem has become so pervasive that the Alberta government announced a moratorium on new photo radar locations, and announced a two-year study on whether or not photo radar actually contributes meaningfully to public safety.

These new photo radar locations would appear to fly in the face of the ban, and it's not clear how the provincial government will respond to the City's apparent move to further ding motorists for the crime of driving in Calgary.

Save Calgary believes in protecting drivers and pedestrians on the road. But we don't believe in needlessly taking money from motorists with little to no public safety benefit.

We also believe that the City has abused photo radar and set some locations as pure money traps to milk drivers who aren't driving in an unsafe manner.

We believe that City Council should stop the implementation of new photo radar locations until such time as the Alberta government has completed its study on the issue.

And again we call for City Hall to end its misbegotten War on Cars - which remain, by far, the most common method for daily commuting within our city.

Are you concerned about getting dinged by more photo radar traps spread across our city? If so, then we hope you'll make a donation to Save Calgary today to help us keep watch on this issue.

You can donate now securely online - your donation goes directly to supporting the work of Save Calgary and holding City Hall accountable for their actions.

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We sincerely appreciate your support - we'll keep fighting for Calgary taxpayers!

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Save Calgary

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  • Dylan Rayburn
    commented 2020-02-07 11:26:41 -0700
    just got a photo radar ticket in the mail…driving 44 in a 30 playground zone on 12th ave and 10th st sw, at 8:20 at night, when it was about -20 outside, public safety has been maintained!!