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Hosting an Olympics will fix everything!

Hosting an Olympics will fix everything!

"Hosting an Olympics will fix everything!"

This seems to be the deeply held opinion of those groups supporting Calgary's bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

However, the truth is the rosy picture being painted by Olympic enthusiasts isn't backed up by reality.

Respected economists have raised serious concerns about the bid plan unveiled by Calgary 2026 last week. They all believe that the costs are being underestimated while the benefits are being vastly overstated.

When pressed about the fact that many of the predicted new jobs would be both temporary in nature and fail to help unemployed energy sector workers or other professionals, the CEO of the Bid Corporation had this quote:

“Well, I would argue at this stage in this downturn, are we really in a position to be selective?” (Mary Moran, Calgary 2026)

The answer to that question is: Yes.

Yes, we can decide to invest in things that will actually help restore Calgary's economy - like lowering taxes, cutting red tape, and creating an environment that attracts business investment.

Spending billions and billions on an Olympics we can't afford to create some temporary jobs that will in no way help the vast majority of unemployed Calgarians is not an economic plan.

It is, in the words of one economist, a "false hope" for Calgary.

In fact, we at Save Calgary think the phrase "false hope" is the most accurate description we've heard of the supposed economic benefits these Olympics will bring our city.

To make sure other people know what a false hope these Olympics are, we've created a short video we're calling: "Olympics - A False Hope."

Join a plucky band of grassroots activists as they stand up against an elite and out of touch City Council that is working feverishly behind closed doors to host an OLYMPICS, which will cost billions of your tax dollars!

If you believe that it's time to stop the political elites and insiders who are pushing for these incredibly costly Olympics, then please share this video with your family and friends.

Together, we can stand up to our sinister City Hall and restore accountability and fiscal responsibility for Calgary!



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