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Dozens of New Taxes

Dozens of New Taxes

City Hall doesn't think they tax you enough. Not nearly enough.

Despite hiking your property taxes year after year after year, the City has now decided that it needs even more money from poor Calgarians who are still struggling to make ends meet.

This week, City Council received the report from its Financial Task Force (not to be confused with the City's Economic Resilience Task Force - because we obviously needed two different task forces).

The group really should have been called the Tax Everyone and Everything Task Force.

Their report recommended dozens - literally dozens - of new taxes that City Council could dump onto the backs of Calgarians.

Here are just a few of the new taxes that City Hall is looking at implementing:

1. Higher street parking and City parking lot fees. With downtown already bordering on a ghost town, let's drive out the few remaining people choosing to spend their time and money downtown by making the experience even more expensive.

2. More expensive electricity. The City wants to get more money from Enmax, which will result in higher costs being passed on to consumers who have the temerity to turn on their lights or dishwashers once in a while.

3. New taxes on Uber and taxi trips. Having fought tooth and nail against having Uber even setup shop in Calgary, City Council now thinks that Calgarians who use their services should pay a new tax on every trip.

4. New Calgary tourism taxes. Instead of encouraging tourists to come visit Calgary - eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels, and buy things from our local businesses - let's instead drive them away with a rash of new tourism taxes.

5. New golf course tax. Ignoring for the moment why the City of Calgary owns and operates golf courses instead of letting the private sector do it instead, they want to slap a new tax on every round of golf at a City course.

6. New e-scooter taxes (the Lime and Bird tax). After waging an unrelenting war on cars, City Hall now wants to charge a new tax on every e-scooter trip within the City.

7. The Working from home tax. We aren't making this up. With more Calgarians working from home and operating home-based businesses, the City of Calgary wants to add a brand new tax on Calgarians trying to eek out a living during tough economic times. Which brings us to...

8. The selling things online tax. If you make money selling things on the internet, then the City wants you to pay them a tax for the privilege of using the air through which wifi signals travel (or something).

In short, if you go anywhere, do anything, or even just exist, the City Hall wants to tax you for it.

And that isn't even the full list!

In the Annex II section of the report, the Task Force identifies a whole host of tax options which other cities in North America use to pick the pockets of their poor citizens.

This means the City of Calgary could soon be wanting to create:

  • A Calgary Sales Tax
  • A Calgary Income Tax
  • New taxes on gas, alcohol, tobacco, and even insurance premiums
  • Toll roads and other road pricing charges
  • New hotel and restaurant taxes

And the list goes on, and on, and on.

Proponents of all of these new taxes argue that this would mean that the City of Calgary would be able to cut property taxes and rely on these new taxes instead.

But do you really trust City Hall to follow through on a promise to lower your property taxes?

Based on their record, they would keep your property taxes sky high while also burdening you with dozens of new taxes, sucking every last dollar out of your pocket to pay for their bloated spending.

Jennifer, we can't let the Tax Hike Posse get away with this - we have to stop the City Hall tax grab!


There is one glimmer of hope for those of us fighting for fiscal sanity in Calgary.

Right now, the City of Calgary doesn't have the power to implement its radical tax hike agenda.

They need the Alberta government to give them the power to raise most of these new taxes, and have said that they will be lobbying the Kenney government hard to get this power.

We can't afford to let that happen.

That's why Save Calgary has launched a petition to Stop the City Hall Tax Grab.

We're urging the Alberta government not to give the City of Calgary any new taxing powers, and instead to direct them to cut wasteful and out-of-control spending instead.

Jennifer, will you help us in our fight against crazy new taxes by signing our Stop the City Hall Tax Grab petition?

If the Kenney government gives City Hall all of these new tax powers, it could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars of new taxes for everyday Calgarians.

We know you can't afford to pay any more tax to the City of Calgary - please sign our petition and tell the Alberta government to Stop the City Hall Tax Grab!



Save Calgary

P.S. If we let them, City Council won't stop until they take every last cent from us through an unrelenting series of new taxes. We can't let them do this to hardworking Calgarians. Please sign our petition today and help us stop the City Hall Tax Grab!

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  • Bevelyn Park
    commented 2020-11-19 17:11:03 -0700
    Nenshi has been in the public trough all his life, so he knows nothing about creating wealth, only spending it.