Defend The Police!

Defend The Police!

Calgary's brave police officers protect our homes, businesses, and communities from harm and keep us safe. Now, some on City Council are calling for the police to be defunded. They want to reduce the number of police on our streets and spend the money instead on psychologists and social workers. As we've seen in many US cities, taking police out of communities results in more violent crime, more property damage, and significantly less public safety.

We need to stand up for Calgary's police and push back against those who want to paint our police as villains. Let's #DefendThePolice!

I, the undersigned, support Calgary police officers who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. I call on Calgary City Council to defend the police!

Who's signing

Meagan Young
Tavia Hartley
Chantelle Taylor
Rosemary Young
Lana Roussel
Daryl Kosher
Liane Knox
Diane Lewis
Kent Samphire
Serge Hamel
Rebecca Cole
Neil Unger
Margaret Roussel
Lori Amber
Crystol Wood
Mary Jane Vandekerkhove
Amy Roussel
Brooke Nelson
Donna Davies
Courtney Luxen
Nancye Killen
Michael Knox
Donald Seenson
Amanda Dunn
Dave Sandusky
Joycelyn Odney
Paul Berlinguette
Diane Hamel
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  • Julianna
    signed 2020-11-08 10:18:12 -0700
    We love the CPS!
  • Meagan Young
    signed 2020-11-08 10:08:56 -0700
  • Tavia Hartley
    signed via 2020-11-08 09:17:41 -0700
    Thank you for keeping our city and families safe. You are doing a great job!! I’ve witnessed the professionalism of the police on numerous incidents: saving a family member from a violent home invasion, finding and arresting a man who robbed me at knife point, helping a severely depressed friend find a safe place to talk and even helping my son when his car went off the road in -40 weather. Instead of defunding we should be hiring more police because a growing population can bring increased homelessness, drug addictions and crime. In addition, mental health issues are on the rise and mental health calls can become dangerous if the person has a weapon or is under the influence. You help the community stay safe in so many ways and are so appreciated! Our Police are the reason why Canada is a safe place to live and we don’t live with the mayhem and corruption that other countries experience .Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!
  • Chantelle Taylor
    signed 2020-11-08 09:00:07 -0700
  • Rosemary Young
    signed 2020-11-08 08:56:07 -0700
  • Lana Roussel
    signed 2020-11-08 08:46:08 -0700
  • Daryl Kosher
    signed 2020-11-08 08:41:28 -0700
  • Liane Knox
    signed 2020-11-08 08:27:00 -0700
    This is not the direction we need to go! Hire more social workers!
  • Diane Lewis
    signed 2020-11-08 08:13:16 -0700
    What in poop is this? We are not the States you twats!
  • Kent Samphire
    signed 2020-11-08 07:45:04 -0700
  • Serge Hamel
    signed via 2020-11-08 07:08:38 -0700
    Don’t defund the police, instead hire psychologists and social workers to help them.
  • Rebecca Cole
    signed 2020-11-08 06:47:12 -0700
  • Neil Unger
    signed 2020-11-08 06:10:30 -0700
  • Margaret Roussel
    signed 2020-11-08 00:10:27 -0700
    I am totally against defunding the police and replacing them with UN Military police- No fascism for Calgary!!!
  • Lori Amber
    signed 2020-11-08 00:06:41 -0700
  • Crystol Wood
    signed 2020-11-07 23:19:03 -0700
  • Mary Jane Vandekerkhove
    signed 2020-11-07 23:13:28 -0700
  • Amy Roussel
    signed 2020-11-07 22:54:19 -0700
  • Brooke Nelson
    signed 2020-11-07 22:14:50 -0700
  • Donna Davies
    signed 2020-11-07 20:58:27 -0700
  • Courtney Luxen
    signed 2020-11-07 20:46:14 -0700
  • Nancye Killen
    signed 2020-11-07 20:29:01 -0700
  • Michael Knox
    signed via 2020-11-07 20:10:18 -0700
    we depend on the Safety and Security of the police in every facet and every area and they certainly don’t deserve this nor do Bureau cratic politicians need to decide what is best and the other question is if you define the police who can respond to those who need it this is absolutely ridiculous
  • Donald Seenson
    signed via 2020-11-07 19:50:03 -0700
  • Kerry
    signed 2020-11-07 19:45:19 -0700
  • Amanda Dunn
    signed 2020-11-07 19:42:35 -0700
  • Dave Sandusky
    signed 2020-11-07 19:38:25 -0700
  • Joycelyn Odney
    signed 2020-11-07 18:44:16 -0700
  • Paul Berlinguette
    signed 2020-11-07 17:56:05 -0700
    So stupid to do this.
  • Diane Hamel
    signed 2020-11-07 17:51:10 -0700