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Councillors Gone Wild

Councillors Gone Wild

Last week, we released 12 examples of City Councillors misspending your tax dollars in questionable expenses - we called it our Councillors Gone Wild series.
The reaction was overwhelming.
Tens of thousands of people followed the release on social media and expressed outrage about the cavalier way their tax dollars were being used by their local politicians.
For our next YYCWatch video, we've put those examples into a short video - you can give it a watch here:
YYCWatch: Flatline the Green Line

After a decade of missteps, the Green Line is still being debated by City Council. With a total cost of at least $5 billion just for Phase 1, and a projected construction time verging on a decade, this is too big a risk for Calgary taxpayers. Here in our first #YYCWatch video, we take a look at this train wreck of a project as we call on City Council to flatline the Green Line. Sign our petition here:

Posted by Save Calgary on Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Do you think these Councillors are spending your tax dollars wisely?
Many of these examples were buried in the expense disclosure reports of City Councillors.
Save Calgary reviewed more than 300 pages of expenses to some of these questionable expenses to light - it's part of our commitment to holding City Hall accountable.
Some Councillors are upset that we brought these things to light - our response to them is simple:
We didn't spend this money badly. You did. And voters deserve to know the truth.
We aren't backing down - we'll keep fighting for Calgary taxpayers every chance we get.
Save Calgary

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