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Calgary’s “free” composting program next “green” government boondoggle

Calgary’s “free” composting program next “green” government boondoggle

The City of Calgary is rolling out their new composting program that they say will eliminate 85M kilograms of waste yearly.

The mainstream media is telling us it’s going to be free, except the facility will cost taxpayers $143M and that doesn’t include a $25M resource recovery campus.

That’s a total price tag of $168M before it’s even up and running.

The program will also run at an added estimated cost of $30.6M yearly. And on top of that, 320,000 homes will have to fork over $6.50 per month, or $78 per year for the program.

Some of the composted product will be available to residents for free, but the majority will be sold which means the government is also running a business using your garbage and your money.

City Council passed it and we as taxpayers are paying out the nose for it, which makes this a government boondoggle.

Watch as I do the rest of the math that shows taxpayers once again losing millions of dollars.

The bottom line is, the city will have to sell a lot of compost to make up for those taxpayer dollars, which isn’t very likely.

Source: The Rebel

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