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Tell Them We're Broke!

Tell Them We're Broke!

It's a good thing that Calgary's City Council doesn't pay the carbon tax - they'd owe a fortune given how much hot air they spewed out this week.
Councillors talked, and talked, and talked, and talked... and then decided they hadn't talked enough so they kicked the ball down the road so they could talk some more.
As if the problem were blindingly obvious.
After years of uncontrolled spending hikes, City Hall now has a problem. The collapse in revenue from vacant downtown office towers has led to a tax shortfall. They face a revenue hole of hundreds of millions of dollars, and have spent hours and hours debating how to solve this problem they themselves largely created.
Council blathered on for hours about the issue, and came up with exactly two approaches:
Raise taxes or raise different taxes.
Thank goodness they did marathon meetings in order to come up with those two very different paths forward.
City Council is unwilling to acknowledge that the real problem isn't downtown office vacancy rates - it's the fact that they allowed spending growth to far exceed the rate of population growth for years, apparently believing that Calgary (unlike any other city on the planet) would never experience an economic downturn.
Had they restrained spending, they would be facing no shortfall right now, and Calgary would be better positioned to weather the current economic troubles facing our city and province.
But they didn't. Few of them have owned up to say that they spent too much when times were good, limiting their options for when times got rough.
Even fewer of them are prepared to have real conversations about how we can fix this problem without hitting homeowners and businesses with even higher tax hikes.
We have advanced our own solutions on many previous occasions, and don't feel the need to do so again now.
What we do want to talk about is something that many at City Hall talk about, but few actually demonstrate.
Leadership means recognizing your mistakes and owning up to them.
Leadership means taking off the blinders and looking at the entire range of solutions.
Leadership means telling the City bureaucrats to go back to the drawing board when they don't give you good enough information.
Leadership means doing the right things, even they're politically difficult and may even lose votes.
Calgary has the highest unemployment in the country, with the highest rates of home receivership and personal bankruptcy.
Calgarians cannot afford to pay more in residential property taxes.
Thousands of Calgary businesses have had to lay-off staff or close their doors because they can't afford to keep going.
Calgary business cannot afford to pay more in commercial property taxes.
The well has run dry and our pockets are empty.
City Council needs to rub their eyes and see the reality of daily life for Calgarians worried about paying their bills and losing their homes.
Spending cuts aren't just one of the options, they're the only realistic option.
If you and your family can't afford to pay more taxes, you should tell your City Councillor how you feel.
Please reach out and share your opinion with them before Monday April 8th when Council will be deciding how much to raise your taxes.
You can contact your local City Councillor here:
Mayor - Naheed Nenshi:
Ward 1 - Ward Sutherland:
Ward 2 - Joe Magliocca:
Ward 3 - Jyoti Gondek:
Ward 4 - Sean Chu:
Ward 5 - George Chapel:
Ward 6 - Jeff Davison:
Ward 7 - Druh Farrell:
Ward 8 - Evan Woolley:
Ward 9 - Gian-Carlo Carra:
Ward 10 - Ray Jones:
Ward 11 - Jeromy Farkas:
Ward 12 - Shane Keating:
Ward 13 - Diane Colley-Urquhart:
Ward 14 - Peter Demong:
Tell them that enough is enough, and that you just can't afford higher taxes.
Tell them that it's time to cut spending down at City Hall.
Save Calgary

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  • Mike Lambros
    commented 2019-06-04 14:19:48 -0600
    Why isn’t the petition for “fire city hall councillors” on your website? My wife received it on Facebook and I’ve been forwarding it on and referring to your site!
    Where can people find it?