Petition - Secure The Vote!

Petition - Secure The Vote!

The 2017 Calgary municipal election was not run properly. Ballot shortages, list inaccuracies, and a lack of proper controls made it the most chaotic and unreliable election in the history of our city. Now, the City is repeating some of these same mistakes by not ensuring that eligible voters can only vote ONCE in the vote on whether or not Calgary should host the 2026 Olympics.

Voters who contacted Calgary's 311 service and asked about receiving ballots by mail were told something shocking: a voter who requests a ballot by mail will NOT have their name crossed off the voters' list.

This means that same voter could also vote on Election Day (November 13th) and there would be no way of knowing they had already voted.


How can the City expect us to have any confidence in the outcome of this plebiscite if they can't even run a proper election?

First they use taxpayer dollars through the Calgary 2026 bid corporation to campaign for the YES side in the Olympics, and now they're not ensuring that the vote is conducted with proper procedures and controls.

The City of Calgary needs to fix this problem and Secure the Vote.

I, the undersigned, demand that the City of Calgary implement proper procedures and controls to ensure that only legitimate voters are able to vote in the 2026 Olympics plebiscite, and that each voter in only able to vote ONCE. I demand that the City Secure the Vote to give Calgarians confidence in the outcome, and that they correct the glaring mistakes made during Calgary's 2017 municipal election.

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James Derosier
maria yu
Lona Henry
Kelly Alder
Brian Teichroeb
Jack Panjer
Newt Chilcott
Cathy Wright
Rhonda O’Leary
Lesley Quast
Bonnie Tucker
Ann Sumner
Elaine Fisher
Jouce Hanna
Eva Kreiling
Richard Quast
Brenda Mason
Robert Inverarity
W Schnell
John Oliver
Margaret Conte
john wakeford
Blaine Maller
Teresa Pearson
Alexandra Oliver
Autumn Malsbury-Boag
Colin Gunn
Ann Marie Slape
Nancy Brandick
kelvin jones
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  • James Derosier
    signed via 2018-10-18 21:52:15 -0600
    James Derosier
  • maria yu
    signed 2018-10-18 21:35:39 -0600
  • Lona Henry
    signed 2018-10-18 20:33:19 -0600
  • Kelly Alder
    signed 2018-10-18 20:08:32 -0600
    Why don’t they secure the vote? They want to guarantee that nothing is fixed so that they can FIX future votes and elections in THEIR FAVOUR!!! If people are too lazy to FORCE THEM TO SECURE THE VOTE, then they’ll think that NOBODY CARES and we’ll all suffer for as long as they want to MAINTAIN THEIR LITTLE FIFEDOM!!! Don’t let them!!! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!!
  • Brian Teichroeb
    signed 2018-10-18 19:13:19 -0600
  • Jack Panjer
    signed 2018-10-18 19:13:07 -0600
    Last election was disgraceful, all of the problems with ballots etc . Like it was our first election.
  • Newt Chilcott
    signed 2018-10-18 19:02:30 -0600
    Newt Chilcott : Do something right for a change & quit being sneaky.
  • Cathy Wright
    signed 2018-10-18 18:55:45 -0600
  • Rhonda O’Leary
    signed 2018-10-18 18:24:57 -0600
  • Lesley Quast
    signed 2018-10-18 17:54:45 -0600
  • Bonnie Tucker
    signed via 2018-10-18 17:54:37 -0600
  • Ann Sumner
    signed 2018-10-18 17:44:44 -0600
  • Elaine Fisher
    signed 2018-10-18 17:43:08 -0600
  • Jouce Hanna
    signed via 2018-10-18 17:27:06 -0600
  • Eva Kreiling
    signed 2018-10-18 17:16:11 -0600
  • Richard Quast
    signed 2018-10-18 16:38:15 -0600
  • Brenda Mason
    signed 2018-10-18 16:32:41 -0600
  • Robert Inverarity
    signed 2018-10-18 16:00:53 -0600
  • W Schnell
    signed 2018-10-18 15:58:10 -0600
    Secure this please
  • John Oliver
    signed via 2018-10-18 13:50:38 -0600
    John A Oliver
  • Margaret Conte
    signed 2018-10-18 12:12:58 -0600
  • john wakeford
    signed 2018-10-18 12:01:06 -0600
    john wakeford
  • Blaine Maller
    signed 2018-10-18 10:54:09 -0600
  • Teresa Pearson
    signed 2018-10-18 10:48:53 -0600
    Teresa Pearson
  • Alexandra Oliver
    signed 2018-10-18 10:42:19 -0600
    This important vote needs to reflect the true opinions of Calgary citizens. Nothing short of efficient and accurate results are acceptable in our democratic city. If this is not the case there will be a great deal of unpleasant fall out in our city.
  • Autumn Malsbury-Boag
    signed 2018-10-18 10:10:42 -0600
  • Colin Gunn
    signed 2018-10-18 09:38:56 -0600
    Colin Douglas Gunn
  • Ann Marie Slape
    signed 2018-10-18 09:19:42 -0600
  • Nancy Brandick
    signed 2018-10-18 09:16:07 -0600
  • kelvin jones
    signed 2018-10-18 08:53:40 -0600