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Meet Calgary's New Tax Hike Posse

Meet Calgary's New Tax Hike Posse

Meet Calgary's new Tax Hike Posse - the group of City Councillors who recently decided that you had just too much money in your pockets.
Recently, Calgary's City Council met to decide what this year's tax increase would be - but they did much more than that. They voted in support of a multi-year plan that contained tax increases each and every year between now and the next election.
When their plan kicks in fully in 2022, the typical Calgary family will be paying more than $500 more than they are right now in higher taxes, fees, surcharges, and levies.
However, even more galling than raising your taxes year after year after year after year is the attitude many of these Councillors have demonstrated towards those who believe that we should hold the line on future tax increases while Calgary struggles with a sluggish economy and high unemployment.
Councillor Jyoti Gondek (Ward 3) said this about freezing tax rates at their current levels: "...that's not the job we were elected to do."
Even more disappointing were the comments by Councillor Ward Sutherland (Ward 1), who openly mocked the idea of not raising taxes and instead proposed a joke motion to cut tax rates by 5% a year - here's his quote: "Minus five per cent for every year, because if we want to be stupid let’s do minus five."
In fact, only three Councillors voted not to hike taxes - Sean Chu (Ward 4), George Chahal (Ward 5), and Jeromy Farkas (Ward 11). Farkas, in fact, introduced a motion to do just that which was voted down.
Save Calgary doesn't think it's "stupid" to want to help those Calgarians who are struggling to pay their bills and make ends meet.
We don't think it's "stupid" to expect wage freezes at City Hall while tens of thousands of Calgarians are out of work and hundreds of businesses are forced to close their doors.
We don't think it's "stupid" to expect the City to live within its means rather than digging ever deeper into the pockets of hard-working Calgarians who are sick of a City Hall that governs behind closed doors and only seems to stand up for the special interests.
And we don't think it's "stupid" to put the breaks on an Olympic bid that will end up costing our city billions and billions of dollars and could mire our city in debt that could take years or even decades to pay off.
Since when is it "stupid" to believe in fiscal responsibility and accountability from our elected officials?
Calgary's City Council should take some lessons from those Calgarians who have been forced to make tough choices during these difficult economic times. We've learned to separate what's "nice to have" from what we "need to have." We've looked for ways to be thriftier and stretch our dollars. We've reduced our expenses and delayed some spending until we're in a position to do so without breaking the bank. We've behaved like responsible citizens.
And we expect our city to do the same thing.
Meanwhile, the Tax Hike Posse at City Hall just vote to raise taxes over and over and over and over again. For them, taxes can never be high enough, government can never be big enough, and no pet project isn't worth having taxpayer dollars thrown at it.
When the final year of tax increases kicks in, Calgarians will once again be heading to the polls and choosing who they want to lead our city for the next for years.
We hope they remember just who it was who kept pushing our taxes ever higher - we hope they remember the Tax Hike Posse.
And we hope that they vote to stop the endless tax hikes at City Hall.
Save Calgary

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