Fire City Council!

Fire City Council!

Calgary's City Council has completely failed to address Calgary's ongoing business crisis.

Thousands of businesses have been forced to layoff staff or close up shop because of City Council's relentless tax hikes.

Instead of cutting spending and holding the line on taxes, City Council - once again - put the burden of their bad decisions onto the backs of Calgary's businesses.

And now, with the latest massive hike to their taxes, many businesses have said they simply can't afford to keep going.

City Council's endless spending and tax hikes represent a failure of leadership. They need to be held accountable for this record of failure.

The Government of Alberta has the ability to fire a City Council if they fail to perform their duties in a responsible and effective manner.

A quick look around the boarded up stores, empty office towers, and staggeringly high property tax bills that have landed in the mailboxes of Calgary homeowners and businesses makes it clear that this City Council hasn't lived up to the standards expected of them by Calgarians.

Enough is enough.

It's time that the Alberta government sent this City Council packing, and a new Council chosen that will show leadership in the face of Calgary's ongoing financial crisis.

I, the undersigned, believe that Calgary's City Council has lost the moral authority to govern. I believe that they haven't taken any real action to address Calgary's economic crisis, and that as a direct result of their lack of leadership, they've forced thousands of Calgary business to close their doors permanently. Enough is enough. I demand that the Government of Alberta fire Calgary's City Council.

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J.Dean Niemetz
Ken Wieltchnig
Vince Amabile
Darwin Grenwich
Jesse Church
Terry Barber
Joel Bumanis
Elizabeth Conville
kevin smith
Trevor Leslie
Annette Spalding
Kevin Hannah
Mack Kay
Arun Joseph
Marilyn Hruby
Heather Gill
Mark Kornak
Nick Karas
Lesley Hayes
Lyle Smith
Stephan Benediktson
Devra Yanke
Tim Unger
Thane Strandberg
Kevin Kiejko
Pradeep Manerikar
Ally McConnell
Elaine Miscavish
Corey Riley
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  • J.Dean Niemetz
    signed via 2019-06-01 08:08:27 -0600
    Enough is enough!!
  • Ken Wieltchnig
    signed 2019-06-01 07:57:16 -0600
  • Vince Amabile
    signed 2019-06-01 07:50:58 -0600
  • Darwin Grenwich
    signed 2019-06-01 07:47:22 -0600
  • Jesse Church
    signed 2019-06-01 07:12:03 -0600
  • Terry Barber
    signed 2019-06-01 07:08:26 -0600
    Nenshi has to go and latest hiring for walking and cycling coordinators and oversized group attend Quebec conference, is last straw
  • Joel Bumanis
    signed 2019-06-01 07:04:48 -0600
  • Elizabeth Conville
    signed 2019-06-01 07:02:49 -0600
  • kevin smith
    signed via 2019-06-01 06:56:40 -0600
  • Trevor Leslie
    signed 2019-06-01 06:50:27 -0600
  • Annette Spalding
    signed 2019-06-01 06:47:29 -0600
  • Kevin Hannah
    signed 2019-06-01 06:45:35 -0600
    You have all been gluttons for too long
  • Mack Kay
    signed 2019-06-01 06:41:16 -0600
  • Arun Joseph
    signed 2019-06-01 06:26:16 -0600
  • Marilyn Hruby
    signed 2019-06-01 06:20:55 -0600
  • Heather Gill
    signed 2019-06-01 06:09:55 -0600
  • Mark Kornak
    signed 2019-06-01 05:56:51 -0600
  • Nick Karas
    signed 2019-06-01 05:51:09 -0600
  • Lesley Hayes
    signed 2019-06-01 05:46:22 -0600
  • Lyle Smith
    signed 2019-06-01 05:34:06 -0600
    Its like they are doing this to handicap the Alberta economy.
  • Stephan Benediktson
    signed 2019-06-01 05:29:45 -0600
  • Devra Yanke
    signed 2019-06-01 04:22:45 -0600
  • Tim Unger
    signed 2019-06-01 02:32:02 -0600
  • Thane Strandberg
    signed 2019-06-01 01:12:58 -0600
  • Kevin Kiejko
    signed 2019-06-01 00:52:04 -0600
  • Pradeep Manerikar
    signed 2019-06-01 00:42:53 -0600
    If we want strong, effective leadership, we have to be INVOLVED in electing them. The clowns that are in office now are there because we, the electorate, put them there. Before we go voting again, it’s best we educate ourselves, starting with expanding our vocabulary with the meaning of these words (there are more): character, leadership, integrity, responsibility, vision, ethics, morals, all qualities required of an effective leader and all that we have surgically extricated from our education system. So we now have the product of that: a hapless ego-centric juvenile mass of neurons and synapses separated into blobs and stuffed into the cavities of the bobbing heads that sit at the Council table. Start with ourselves, stop voting in bozos – even smart ones – and then elect Councilors that will be effective.
  • Ally McConnell
    signed 2019-06-01 00:30:01 -0600
  • Elaine Miscavish
    signed 2019-06-01 00:02:45 -0600
    We need to change the council to one that will actually help the people in Calgary.
  • Cdr
    @seeriley tweeted link to this page. 2019-05-31 23:55:20 -0600
  • Corey Riley
    signed 2019-05-31 23:55:05 -0600
    Clearly, the council and Mayor DID receive another term. I fault the electorate for that. Please help us.