Fire City Council!

Fire City Council!

Calgary's City Council has completely failed to address Calgary's ongoing business crisis.

Thousands of businesses have been forced to layoff staff or close up shop because of City Council's relentless tax hikes.

Instead of cutting spending and holding the line on taxes, City Council - once again - put the burden of their bad decisions onto the backs of Calgary's businesses.

And now, with the latest massive hike to their taxes, many businesses have said they simply can't afford to keep going.

City Council's endless spending and tax hikes represent a failure of leadership. They need to be held accountable for this record of failure.

The Government of Alberta has the ability to fire a City Council if they fail to perform their duties in a responsible and effective manner.

A quick look around the boarded up stores, empty office towers, and staggeringly high property tax bills that have landed in the mailboxes of Calgary homeowners and businesses makes it clear that this City Council hasn't lived up to the standards expected of them by Calgarians.

Enough is enough.

It's time that the Alberta government sent this City Council packing, and a new Council chosen that will show leadership in the face of Calgary's ongoing financial crisis.

I, the undersigned, believe that Calgary's City Council has lost the moral authority to govern. I believe that they haven't taken any real action to address Calgary's economic crisis, and that as a direct result of their lack of leadership, they've forced thousands of Calgary business to close their doors permanently. Enough is enough. I demand that the Government of Alberta fire Calgary's City Council.

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Dale Guidi
Peter Fudge
Ali Smith
Randy Aspinall
R. W. Best
Sylvie Godin
Jim Carlton
Andrea Hryn
Travis Lawson
Denny Simon
Steven Cordick
Carol Sonnenberg
Alanna Higgins
Kenneth Read
Dave Van Aalst
Jon Fleury
Cathy Fry
Chris Scott
Maria Gali
Anna DeGeer
Philip Bird
Eileen Cetiner
Connie Scruton
Eric Lawson
Dianne and Arthur Grabatin
Richard Parker
Steve Magus
Hana Patik
Andrea Petr
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  • Dale Guidi
    @DaleGuidi tweeted link to this page. 2019-06-01 11:17:25 -0600
  • Dale Guidi
    signed 2019-06-01 11:16:52 -0600
  • Peter Fudge
    signed 2019-06-01 10:59:19 -0600
    Peter Fudge
  • Ali Smith
    signed 2019-06-01 10:58:25 -0600
  • Randy Aspinall
    signed 2019-06-01 10:51:38 -0600
    Randy Aspinall
  • R. W. Best
    signed 2019-06-01 10:42:39 -0600
    Nenshi’s DOUBLE pension scheme is outright robbery, IMO. Our streets get worse and worse but our taxes go up. How does THAT math work ?? I could go on but others before me have said it better.
  • Sylvie Godin
    signed 2019-06-01 10:23:43 -0600
  • Jim Carlton
    signed 2019-06-01 10:19:41 -0600
    City Council needs a serious wake up. And Nenshi needs to be fired.
  • Andrea Hryn
    signed 2019-06-01 10:15:44 -0600
  • Travis Lawson
    signed 2019-06-01 10:15:03 -0600
  • Denny Simon
    signed 2019-06-01 10:14:36 -0600
  • Steven Cordick
    signed 2019-06-01 10:04:49 -0600
  • Carol Sonnenberg
    signed 2019-06-01 10:02:01 -0600
  • Alanna Higgins
    signed 2019-06-01 09:33:17 -0600
    Exorbitant spending, increased taxes, double pension for Mayor, inflated salaries and bonuses, poor city maintenance, roads poorly maintained, tax hikes every year, poor planning, high taxes running businesses into bankruptcy, etc
  • Kenneth Read
    signed 2019-06-01 09:26:17 -0600
  • Dave Van Aalst
    signed 2019-06-01 09:17:51 -0600
  • Jon Fleury
    signed 2019-06-01 09:15:31 -0600
  • Cathy Fry
    signed via 2019-06-01 09:07:47 -0600
    Such an important issue that has been so neglected. This is putting Calgary’s economic recovery in great peril
  • Chris Scott
    signed 2019-06-01 09:05:40 -0600
    Christopher Scott
  • Maria Gali
    signed 2019-06-01 09:01:47 -0600
  • Anna DeGeer
    signed 2019-06-01 08:56:45 -0600
    Absolutely irresponsible decision making. Sell the useless art put the money back into helping small business
  • Philip Bird
    signed 2019-06-01 08:55:08 -0600
    Philip Bird
  • Eileen Cetiner
    signed 2019-06-01 08:47:14 -0600
  • Connie Scruton
    signed 2019-06-01 08:46:43 -0600
  • Eric Lawson
    signed 2019-06-01 08:46:15 -0600
    Fire them all.
  • Dianne and Arthur Grabatin
    signed via 2019-06-01 08:38:42 -0600
  • Richard Parker
    signed 2019-06-01 08:37:51 -0600
    YYCCC HAS FAILED, miserably
  • Steve Magus
    signed 2019-06-01 08:24:27 -0600
  • Hana Patik
    signed 2019-06-01 08:15:06 -0600
  • Andrea Petr
    signed 2019-06-01 08:09:00 -0600