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Diane Colley-Urquhart

Even after seventeen years in office, Ward 13 councillor Diane Colley-Urquhart has never been predictable…or particularly consistent.
After her reversal on the southwest transitway, Mayor Nenshi had this to say about his Ward 13 colleague: “She does change her mind a lot, and that’s OK.”
He wasn’t kidding.
After declaring a “tax revolt” in 2008, Colley-Urquhart supported a potential 22.2% tax hike in 2011.
After running for the PCs provincially in 2009, she threw her support behind the NDP’s Bob Hawkesworth in 2015. “We need you in Cabinet,” she tweeted.
In 2016, she advocated “Orwellian” reforms to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, and characterized investigative journalism as potentially “nefarious.”
(Her preferred policy, a “document-dump” approach, risks exposing personal information and discourages journalists from holding government accountable).
In 2017, she resigned from the Calgary Police Commission after allegedly breaching its code of conduct with an unauthorized public statement.
Diane Colley-Urquhart is a bit like a ball on a roulette wheel – you never know where she’s going to land. With controversy, media drama, and mind-boggling flip-flops, her seventeen-year term has been quite a bender.
The question is, are Calgarians ready to gamble another four years?

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  • D G
    commented 2017-09-07 23:47:52 -0600
    Dianne actually <i>is</i> very consistent. She is very consistent at “watching out for” and, “being very concerned about” taxpayers being gouged by endless tax increases… every four years… when there is an election. After being elected, it’s back to voting for endless tax increases like she campaigned on the promise of bigger, more frequent, tax increases. I really wish people would do more research on the candidate before marking an X beside their name. I just shake my head at the people who vote, but have no idea who they are voting for, except for only a name that they recognize. It’s high time we start ousting these spend-thrift politicians, and start electing people who will listen to the people who elected them.
  • Floyd Bouchie
    commented 2017-09-07 22:01:34 -0600
    She buys her elections via developers. She is as corrupt as they come. She was useless in the fight against the redevelopment of Shawnee Slopes Golf course. As it turns out she is a close friend with the owner of Cardel which bought the land after they had Geo Energy do the initial dirty work.
  • Gordon Smith
    commented 2017-09-02 08:44:48 -0600
    How this person has been re-elected for 17 years is mind-boggling!! She changes her mind based on how the wind blows. Elect someone with some common sense principles and a true vision for the city.
  • Rosa T
    commented 2017-08-28 18:27:37 -0600
    Diane failed to listen us in the SW who didn’t want the BRT. We signed petitions, we demanded community sessions, for those who are not online, to be heard….nothing, we were ignored. We were accused of being ‘violent’ at the one community event that was held because we objected to this waste of money. Diane FAILED. Nenshi pushed this costly bussing nonsense though even when we demanded impact assessments to be done, we were ignored. There is NO ridership to justify this outrageous expense.