Municipal News

Municipal News

A Problem In Our Backyards

Why Do We Need To Pay Property Taxes?

The City of Calgary's General Manager of Transportation, resigned as a City employee last year under mysterious circumstances.

Merry Christmas

We were wrong

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Is it the end of Savecalgary?

Homeowners are facing 12.5% tax increases over the next four years

Calgary is facing tough economic times.

Vote No Today


Just Say No

Bidding for the 2026 Olympics is a risk that Calgary taxpayers just can’t afford to take. Billions in debt, property tax hikes, and working with an International Olympic Committee mired in scandal and corruption. Our city’s financial future depends on voting NO to these Olympics in this plebiscite. Make sure that you, your family, and your friends understand what’s at stake, and get out and vote NO!

Just say no to a risky Olympics that Calgary can’t afford.


Voting Information:

Election Day - Tuesday November 13th, 8am - 8pm.

You must vote at your local Voting Station. To find your assigned station, click here


Don’t let the YES side win by default - take the time to cast your vote and secure Calgary’s future by voting NO to the Olympics!

Save Clagary From The Olympics

turns out being a friend of Mayor Nenshi is a really, really good investment

release the numbers

Who Voted to Release The Olympics

Hosting an Olympics will fix everything!


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